Peacefull church buildings

Since I moved to France, I find myself more often in a church building than ever before.

I am not a religious person and have never attended church or anything, but I am a huge fan of old architecture, especially in the pretty old churches that you can find here in France. The stained glass windows are probably the thing I admire the most. The way the light shines through the windows, with so many different colors, really fills my senses. It also forms a nice contrast in the rather dark setting of the church. The tall ceilings, the beautiful wood carvings, the statues and the cold stone floors all make this a place that I very much like to visit every now and then.

Because I visit the churches outside of any services, they are most of the time completely abandoned. It has become a perfect setting to gather my thoughts when I feel sad or frustrated. The stillness and the ancient grandness of these buildings help me to see things in a different and larger perspective. I think about all that the building has withstand, all the labor that went into building it and how it has brought comfort to many other people before me. I often pray to myself there, to my inner self or my core, asking myself to have more strength and live and act from the heart.

Anyway, those churches certainly bring me joy and perhaps other people will find it a soothing place as well, even if they are not religious.


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