The purity and joy of dogs

I am a very lucky girl, for I have had the pleasure of growing up with a cat and dogs around me. I am more of a dog person though, because they make it easier to connect with, in my opinion. Cats tend to do there own thing, in their own little world…

Everyone (well almost everyone…) enjoys being around cute little puppies. That is very well known and not a very inspiring thing to write about, because of that. I however enjoy dogs even more when they have grown up. The purity of a dog really shines when they have been with you for a couple of years. When you come home, even after a little while, they are so happy to see you. Most importantly, they are not afraid of showing it! When you are sad, they lick you in your face, to dissolve your tears and when you are in danger, they will protect you with their own lives. I wish people were more like that, with no restrictions that get in the way of showing how we feel about someone, how much we really care. The love and devotion that a dog will give you, is often more pure than any person could ever give.

Yes, different dog breeds tend to have different characters. So perhaps it is a bit different with other dogs. I have only been around German Shepherds, so that is what I base my writing on. I also love the way a German Shepherd resembles to a wolf. It is such a humbling thing when you can get along peacefully, and have such a bond, with a very fierce creature.

Then there is the simplicity that a dog can show and the grounding effect they can have. How much they know how to enjoy the moment, really inspires me. There is no need to teach a dog about mindfulness, because they know how to live in the moment and enjoy it fully. When they are outside, they admire their surroundings. When they are playing with a ball, they just think about the ball…

I really dislike that they live so short though. It hurts like hell when they die and will always keep hurting, no matter how much time has past. But I keep reminding myself that it shouldn’t be a reason to not have a dog, just to avoid the pain. It’s like Dr. Seuss so perfectly said: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

If you are thinking about getting a dog or several dogs, please, I beg of you, get them out of an animal shelter. All of our dogs came from a shelter, and they have been the best dogs ever. There are so many dogs without a home, and the shelters often put dogs to sleep if the dogs stay there to long, because they just don’t have enough room and money to keep all the dogs alive. The number of dogs that get put to sleep is really shocking and I am sure that a lot of people are unaware of that. It really breaks my heart. So please, save a doggy. It will become one of the most grateful beings in your life!



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