Buddhism – searching more wisdom

I have only recently began to seek more information about this philosophy. I have been listening to a lot of the speeches from ‘Thich Nhat Hanh’, a Buddhist zen master and I plan to read some of his books.  They have really sparked my interest.

The term Buddhism comes from the word ‘Budhi’, which means ‘to wake up’. It is a life philosophy, based on being awakened. I am not religious, as I have mentioned before, but this philosophy really has my interest nowadays, because it does not worship a notion of a God or Idol, but is based upon looking inwards, and finding wisdom and peace in ourselves. Yes, there are Buddha statues, but these are just meant as a reminder of the humanity of the Buddha and that we can accomplish the same as he has. It all just seems to really make sense to me.

A valuable thing that I have learning so far is;

  • The practice of compassion and its connection to suffering. To truly have compassion for others, you need to understand suffering. To better understand the suffering of other people, you first need to learn about the suffering in yourself. It is therefor important to first make this journey within yourself, understand your own suffering, so we can truly understand the suffering of others. It also shows us how similar people are and that further strengthens our compassion for others. Nowadays this can be quite difficult in our society, because we tend to be more focused on others and on the external world, while ignoring our own problems.

To search inwards, it is necessary to be more mindful about ourselves. Meditation practices help with this. Mindfulness brings a lot of peace on its own, and has helped me to be more aware, seeing things in a better perspective and lower feelings of anxiety just by connecting with the present. I still have a lot to learn about myself, but I am willing to make this journey.


There is a lot to share about the philosophy of Buddhism and all of its practices and Buddhism is also about sharing wisdom with others, so I think it is a nice addition to the purpose of this blog. I will definitely be sharing more insights, in more detail, that I find in the nearby future and hope it will also spark the interest of others.

In the meantime, since I still have a lot to discover about this philosophy, I would be grateful if anyone could give me any good recommendations on how to find more information about it!

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