Don’t fear change

Lately I have been focusing more than usual on improving myself as a person. I have been trying to tackle some inner issues and trying to create even more joy in life. I wasn’t unhappy before, but I am just trying to better myself every day. It has been quite a journey so far, sometimes I feel worse than before, sometimes I feel much better. But in the end, I do feel that I am changing for the better, becoming stronger and wiser. I know this will lead to more happiness and I will be much better at creating happiness for others around me as well.12f98c02400cfafee2686bb5138dcd07

If you are experiencing any anxiety with a similar journey in life, please be proud of yourself for having the courage, be patient and kind to yourself and know that change and growth are a natural and beautiful part of life.

Looking inside
I sometimes fear what I will find
I fear seeing mistakes
And that I might have been blind

But I know that I need this
to reflect and to cry
it will better myself
and therefor I want to try

So I will be patient
and take it slow
enjoy being enlightened
and love that I can still grow



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