(Re)discovery of a flower – a mindfulness exercise

This is a post about a simple mindfulness exercise. I wanted to create and share a simple opportunity to practice it.

Mindfulness is about being aware of your present, and living in it fully. Mindfulness meditations have been around for thousands of years to help benefit our physical and mental health. Recent research in the field of psychology has also shown its positive effects in helping people in the treatment of depression, addiction, anxiety and many more conditions, even when compared to traditional treatments, such as medication and cognitive therapy. I really have become very excited about this, because it gives us such a great self-care tool.

Mindfulness meditations are available in many forms, they can be about really observing something, about becoming aware of your body, about becoming aware of your breathing and so on.  This mindfulness meditation is an exercise in observation, with something that is nearby and readily available. This exercise is also based on reconnecting with nature, because of all the benefits nature has to offer. However, going out into a forest, taking a trip to the beach or just leaving the comfort of your home can sometimes be too much of a hassle or even a burden if you are not feeling so well, so let’s find something nearby…

This is also something that I do on a regular basis. I have a garden full of flowers where I enjoy spending lots of time, I often visit parks and love to visit garden department shops, just to admire all the flowers.

So here is the exercise:

  • Find a flower nearby, in your home, your garden, your neighbors garden or somewhere else nearby.
  • Look at the flower without thinking about what it is, just observe it. Look at it, as if you have never seen a flower before. This is quite difficult, because we normally observe our surroundings on auto-pilot, for example when we see a tree, we don’t see the bark, the branches, the structure, the leaves and so on; it is just a tree. This is normal and quite useful in our daily lives, or else our working/short-term memory would become seriously overwhelmed, if we have to examine everything as if we never have seen it before.
  • Incorporate your senses. Don’t only look at the flower, at its shape and its colors, but smell the flower and feel its structure by touching it. By observing with as many senses you have, you will immerse yourself in the present moment. That is the goal of mindfulness.quote-peace-is-present-right-here-and-now-in-ourselves-and-in-everything-we-do-and-see-every-nhat-hanh-38-30-24

For me, this brings a sense of peace. It lowers my stress levels and anxiety, makes me forget my worries for a moment and really fills me with joy, admiration for life and love for the here and now. It makes me see beauty again and teaches me to find it in simple things, all around me. I hope it will bring you the same peace, if only for a moment…

By practicing these kinds of mindfulness exercises regularly, it will become more easy to live in the present, the place that is real, the place where life lives, which can really benefit your health.

I hope you will enjoy this exercise! Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!



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