Finding peace · Poetry

To live and no longer fear

These are words that come from deep within me. They are about my deepest fears and thoughts that have impaired me for a long time, but also about my new found hopes for truly living this wonderful life.
Trying not to fall asleep
for it may be my last day
a false sense of control
it betrayed my every way

I searched for wisdom
a solution I will never find
wanting to trick death
it controlled my weary mind

By always fearing my ending
I kept my life on a low
avoided getting too attached
so it would be easy to let go

I know there can’t be a beginning
if there never comes an end
so I am going to surrender
and love this life that is on lend

I will now love with all of me
and cherish all that life will bring
each day is a beautiful present
and to that I am going to cling

I no longer think in I
I now focus on the we
feeling connected to each being
’cause there is so much more than just me




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