The beauty of antiques

As an antiques dealer, I get to handle and enjoy lots of beautiful and really old items. I have really grown to appreciate antiques because of it. I am not a materialistic person, this really is about something else.

To start, I am a fan of history, of all the stories and eras that have been on earth, long before I was here. The way an antique object shows a little glimpse of an era long ago and the fact that it is much older than I ever will be, really intrigues and humbles me. I also enjoy restoring and cleaning up antiques, and bringing them back to life, while being saddened a bit that they were neglected and unappreciated.

There is an antique clock that I have in my home. I decided to keep it, instead of selling it, because of the damage it has to its dial. Most collectors are put off by damaged objects, but to me it are just some scars that show how long it has been around, all that it has endured, and that to me gives it even more character. Just like with people.

The clock itself is a gold metal clock, from around 1850, with a hand painted porcelain dial and two porcelain inserts, it is still in perfectly working order. The fine detail of the craftsmanship is rarely seen in decorative objects nowadays. That is also a reason I enjoy antiques so much, because of all the care, time and devotion that went into it. Something I feel society could use more of nowadays. Especially in the way people interact with each other.


There is such beauty in true craftsmanship, when someone has passionately made something for other people to be enjoyed. I like to think I honor the artist a bit that created this wonderful piece, by admiring it and keeping it in good order for many more years to come.

I highly recommend other people to get interested in older items. Visit an antiques center for example, see if something attracts your attention and find out its story. Perhaps you have inherited something, but don’t really know anything about it. It can be very interesting and humbling to find more information and journey into some of the beauties of the past. By me doing this, it helps me to connect with humanity even more, by admiring where we came from and all the beauty we have created through time.



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