Picking Flowers Along the Road…

This post is about quite a simple subject, it’s about me picking some flowers outside, from time to time. I would like to share why it is so beneficial for me, and the thoughts that lie beneath it.

When I am out for a walk I often pick a wildflower and carry it along with me and put it in a vase when I get home. Sometimes when I am driving in my car and I see some beautiful wildflowers, I just pull over and go pick some. It brings me so much joy and relaxation. But why?

I clearly remember how much I enjoyed picking flowers as a child and how I sometimes made little flower crowns of them, while just sitting in the grass, enjoying life, the beautiful weather and fully enjoying being in the present moment. I remember how I felt and how I thought. I was so full of energy, hope, positive feelings and just so extremely exited and fascinated about life, even though my life was already pretty rough at that time.

When I pick a flower nowadays, it transcends me back to that place, back to those thoughts. And for the briefest of moments, I feel simply amazing again, even though my life can still be quite hard. So it’s really about connecting with my inner child. 66603e4522edc42b75ec86b1f648253f

I have sometimes been ridiculed about it, told it was a bit weird and pathetic, but if those people really knew how much I needed those little moments, how much I needed a little relief, just to get trough the day, I am sure they would have responded differently. With that in mind, I never showed them that I cared about what they said, because I really didn’t and still don’t.

Picking flowers is just a great memory from my own childhood, but for others, it can be all sorts of other things, such as playing baseball, jumping in the ocean, playing in the sand and so on. By travelling back to your favorite childhood memory, it can connect you to your true soul, your inner joy and your inner passion and maybe even awaken all of it in your present life. Even though the joy might be for only a little while, it is such a relief to be able to feel that way again, even though it means that we grown-ups need to act a bit silly sometimes.


These little things just really keep me going, they help to keep me positive and I believe that those little things are the secret to me being able to prevent depression in my life. I therefor truly recommend everyone to try this out sometimes, if you haven’t already!


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