Surrender to Life

Recently, when I was hunting around for antiques, I decided to check out a beach that I hadn’t seen yet in that area. One of the antiques shops I wanted to visit was closed for lunch, so I had some time to spare anyways.

That day actually didn’t start out very well. I was feeling very restless, things weren’t progressing fast enough in my life and I just felt a general anxiety. So I decided that a walk on the beach would be a good idea to get a little relief from it all, to exercise the stress out of my body. The weather was a bit cooler than the previous couple of days and it was quite cloudy. The tide was low, but I wanted to walk along the shore, with my feet in the water, so I had to walk about half a mile until I finally reached it.

I was still very much caught up in my thoughts during the walk, not really aware of my senses, but it changed when I reached the water. I was pleasantly surprised at the warm temperature of the water, because the water was warmer than the temperature outside. This is more common when you go for a stroll in the evening/night in the summer, but not very common during the day in the summer. It had exactly the effect that I needed, I stumbled back into the moment and left my worries for a while. I also saw a little hermit crab in the shoreline which was very busy at travelling back into the sea. I had seen the shells before, on the beach, but never saw them with a living hermit, which was very fun to see. I probably looked at it for about 5 minutes, just following it’s journey, and I even made a short film of the little creature with my mobile phone.


It all made me feel so very calm and I began contemplating life in general a bit more.  I have always been so busy with figuring out higher meanings and secrets to our existence here on earth. I think I am rather smart, but as a human being I also think I just don’t have the brain capacity to figure it all out. I think that if we really want to figure out the true meaning of life, we need to think beyond our existence, beyond our awareness. We probably limit ourselves the most by basing our philosophies on a beginning and an ending, because our lives follow that pattern. But we probably need to venture far beyond all of that, and venture beyond time, as it doesn’t really exist.

During my walk back to the car, it suddenly dawned to me. I’m not capable but probably also not supposed to keep figuring out these sort of things. I thought about people that say ‘life is simply to be enjoyed’. And I always thought that to see life that way was too simple and that it didn’t seem very ambitious. But, after venturing out into trying to figure out the impossible and afterwards knowing that you just need to return to the simplicity and extreme beauty of life itself, maybe that it is the true answer to living. I figured that whoever lives by that saying, actually is on to something there.


I am glad I changed my view that day. I am glad for the sense of calmness it created. It was a moment where I finally surrendered, finally surrendered to life. I vowed to myself that I would continue to see life as something that is simply to be enjoyed.

That feeling is still accompanying me during my days and I am very glad it does. I also promised myself to take beach walks more often now!

Thank you for reading!



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