Escape…to Nature

We live in a digital society nowadays and sometimes it causes me to feel very disconnected with myself, nature and just life itself. By working hours behind a computer, surfing the net and keeping up-to-date with social media, I sometimes feel a state of anxiety starting to kick in.

One of my go-to remedies for this anxiety, is to just cut loose of the digital lifestyle for a few hours and go out into nature. For me it is the easiest way to reconnect with the here and now, my breathing, my senses and my bodily state in general. Often, I don’t even feel how tense my body really is, until I stop and listen to it for a while.


Not far from where I live here in France, there is a beautiful area with two waterfalls, which are surrounded by a forest. There are some hiking trails surrounding that area as well and it has become one of my favorite spots to wind-down. Because of the breath-taking views over there, it is not difficult to focus on the present moment.

I however don’t always have the time to go there, so I also often choose to go for mini-escapes instead. With mini-escapes I mean a brief moment, just stepping outside into the garden, listening, looking around, feeling the wind and the sun or taking a little stroll around my village. I then take a few deep and slow breaths and that already gives a big relief.

So what I would like to give to you is just a little reminder of how healing and soothing nature can be and how it can really be medicine to our bodies and souls. Especially when you take time to connect with your body, your senses, and the present moment. It doesn’t have to be far away, nor a long time, to have a significant positive effect on your overall well-being.

Thank you for reading. I wish you peace and joy, wherever you are.


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