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Picking Flowers Along the Road…

This post is about quite a simple subject, it's about me picking some flowers outside, from time to time. I would like to share why it is so beneficial for me, and the thoughts that lie beneath it. When I am out for a walk I often pick a wildflower and carry it along with… Continue reading Picking Flowers Along the Road…

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Buddhism – searching more wisdom

I have only recently began to seek more information about this philosophy. I have been listening to a lot of the speeches from 'Thich Nhat Hanh', a Buddhist zen master and I plan to read some of his books.  They have really sparked my interest. The term Buddhism comes from the word 'Budhi', which means 'to… Continue reading Buddhism – searching more wisdom

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10 steps towards more self-love

I often read about people preaching about the importance of self-love. Often to overcome feelings of depression. Less often I read about how to get there, if you are on the opposite side at the moment. The contrast between having no self-love at all and the distance between reaching the state of self-love can then… Continue reading 10 steps towards more self-love